CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP is the hottest social media platform that represents the largest pro-solution, non-violent, anti-rioting, social injustice consequence movement online. For such a long time, we have continuously groveled over the opportunity that we have had with Facebook concerning the sharing of our thoughts. We all know that Facebook has helped us to keep tabs on friends and families, while we also make a name for ourselves by building business pages, Facebook groups, and social media platforms that will create a sense of worth and elevation for our wellbeing.

Facebook has done that for us for many years while also censoring our thoughtscondemning our need for individualism, and putting us in the infamous “Facebook jail” on a whim. They have dangled freedom over our heads and watched us jump while fully knowing that the platform they have given us was never as high to make that freedom tangible.

In addition to the censorship, Facebook continues to change the rules on how you can reach your target audience within the platform. The new community guidelines are discriminatory towards black entrepreneurs and consumers who simply just desire to buy and sell to black people. The new community guidelines limit the impact and reach of many black-owned businesses.

Over time, Facebook has simultaneously pulled our plugs of authority and truth from our governing of our own platforms. Hashtags such as #Blackout2020, #Blacklivesmatter, #Buyblack, #Supportblackowned, #Blackmoney, and #blackbusiness have been weapons of obstructions and offense to the very ones that we have been fighting continuously against to proclaim our right to free speech and the right to rise higher than the glass ceiling that has been covering our heads for centuries!

That’s why you need to


1.       TBC allows the African American Community to be just that, a COMMUNITY!

2.       TBC is a community that allows you to buy black and enjoy the majesties of your own brothers and sisters.

3.       You can network without intrusion! Black people are looking for freedom to express their divinity. We are not looking to associate with a need to create war, but a need to be the greatness that we are!

4.       We do not need a censor on our beliefs! We need our beliefs to be recognized and respected

5.       We offer many groups hosted by African American professionals that are ready to help you realize your best potential.

6.       We have a marketplace that allows you to sell your items and promote your black-owned businesses!

7. TBC Social Media is a Protest Movement. Economical, Political, and other collaborations are able to grow organically on this platform. If your heart is to form strategic partnerships, thousands have already joined this network in less than a month within its launch. There is a significant audience on TBCSocial and it is definitely worth your time to build a presence on this app.

8. Special and Exclusive Events are streaming live on These exclusive events are a great way to access professional and personal development opportunities.

9. Mobile App for all Devices is launching in soon! You definitely want to claim your username and pages before someone else does!

10.       Let’s create the I AM WE Nation. United we stand but divided we fall. Let’s rise up as one to create a nation that cannot be scattered by the weapons of warfare from white supremacy and systemic oppression.

If you are convinced to join us, do so now! All you have to do to join the HOTTEST social media protest online is click here and sign up now.