I AM WE GLOBAL is an international social welfare organization that is intentionally aimed at empowering, educating, and economically uniting people of African descent throughout the diaspora.

I AM WE will be instrumental in rehabilitating communities around the world that have been intentionally given an inheritance of poverty and powerlessness.

I AM WE has been given a mission to promote the message of love, health, and knowledge of self throughout the global African community. We will restore the collective interest in self that is missing in these minority communities.

I AM WE will teach love; love for self, family, neighbor, community, people, economy, and faith.

The mantra: “I AM WE, WE AM I” is the heart of everything we do. We believe this message will produce righteousness.

The efforts of I AM WE GLOBAL will produce lasting change, evolution, and growth in this generation, and every generation to come. We will establish international community centers, personal development training, educational entertainment, financial literacy curriculum, gardening, self-sustainment classes, political science and more.

The aim of I AM WE is to galvanize all of the friendships, relationships, mentors, and resources available to see African people rise as ONE nation of people around the globe.


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