We believe the most effective consequence to combat systemic racism is through organized, strategic economic and political withdrawal and redistribution by the victims of systemic oppression and their committed allies.

We exist to serve and support victims of political oppression, economic exploitation, and social degradation.

Our movement was birthed from a need to ignite change and organize Black Peoples of the African Diaspora in three key areas:

1) Political strategy and unity

2) Economic empowerment and stimulation

3) Social elevation, dignity, and self-reliance

Our movement is solutions-oriented and action-based. We have begun proactively mobilizing TBC sub-movements internationally to unify global citizens towards our collective common goal.

We will create an e-commerce mobile application that will serve as an innovative community hub, organizing tool, digital business expo, and economic exchange platform for Black Peoples and their allies to purchase all essential goods and services from Black-Owned organizations throughout the African Diaspora, thus purposefully stimulating our global economy.

With the unity and support of our international community and allies, we will eradicate social, political, and economic oppression by collateralizing our demands with true leverage and power. This practical, strategic, nonviolent, consequence approach will bring forth successful outcomes by way of comprehensive policy reform, economic stimulation, and social change.



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