Why many Black employees don't want to return to the office


Tennessee mom Ashley Brooks enjoys working in tech support at a Nashville firm, in large part because the job has been remote since the coronavirus pandemic erupted. But with her employer likely to summon employees back to the office in 2022, she is nervous: Like many Black Americans, Brooks finds the thought of returning to work discomfiting. 

Indeed, while polls suggest some employees are content to be back at their desks, Black workers told CBS MoneyWatch that being in a predominantly White workplaces often exacts an emotional toll. Working from home offers a measure of inner peace and even helps them do their jobs better, they said.

"It definitely feels more comfortable at home," said Brooks, who was commuting to work before COVID-19 struck last year. "I don't have to worry so much about my hair and the way I dress — you don't have to answer dumb questions about your hair."

Such sentiments are common among people of...

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Black women have to work around 18 months to earn as much as white men do in a year

By Eshe Nelson

Economics & Markets Reporter

In the US, the gender pay gap is narrowing. But progress on equal pay is not itself equal. To earn the same amount as white men in 2016, black women will have had to keep working until around today, July 31, according to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI).

On average, black women are paid only 67 cents on the dollar relative to white non-Hispanic men, even after accounting for education, work experience, and location. They also earn less than white non-Hispanic women, as EPI analysts wrote in a recent blog post:

Despite the large gender disadvantage faced by all women, black women were near parity with white women in 1979. However in 2016, white women’s wages grew to 76 percent of white men’s, compared to 67 percent for black women relative to white men—a racial difference of 9 percentage points. The trend is going the wrong way—progress is slowing for black women.

Black women are hit...

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