Black-owned businesses report boost in sales and interest on Blackout Day

As activists and allies spread the word about Blackout Day, some Black-owned businesses said they saw a boost in support.

The movement urged both Black consumers and others to either withhold spending entirely on Blackout Day or support Black-owned businesses, in order to show the spending power of the Black community and to highlight the need for economic and financial equality.


Nile, an online community that connects shoppers with Black-owned brands, saw a boost of 200% in its user base on Tuesday from the prior day. 

Nile’s founder, Khadijah Robinson, said she launched her website March 1 after collecting a list of Black-owned web businesses to support that she circulated with family and friends for years.

“I really love online shopping, and it was so hard to find Black brands to shop with. … I wanted to make it easier for myself,” Robinson said, adding she had so many requests for the list she decided to turn it into a...

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Black-Owned Restaurant Lists Circulating the Internet, Organized by City

buy black Jun 11, 2020

As many of us have been inspired to stand in solidarity with the Black community, so has food media. Across the country, restaurant critics, writers, and local food lovers have been pulling together extensive lists highlighting Black-owned businesses in their respective cities. We wanted to share what they’re creating, from Google spreadsheets with updates on take-out/delivery options and GoFundMe links to websites that have long been celebrating Black-owned businesses and owners. 


The Bay Area

Google spreadsheet of coffee shops, bakeries, and restaurants open for take-out and delivery in the Bay Area, with information on merch, gift cards, GoFundMe pages, and more. Created by Soleil Ho of the San Francisco Chronicle

Our article celebrating bakeries, restaurants, bars, and shops in Oakland. Reported and written by Ryan Walker-Hartshorn of BA.

Los Angeles

Google spreadsheet of coffee shops, bakeries,...

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