'This is the only way to get real change': How Black Americans are using their purchasing power as a means of protest on #BlackOutDay2020

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Blackout Day 2020 sweeps the Triangle, consumers urged to support only Black-owned businesses

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Blackout Day economic protest encourages shoppers to buy only from Black-owned businesses Tuesday, boycott others

Dalvin BrownKelly Tyko

Americans have plans to send a message at the checkout counter on Tuesday amid renewed calls for racial equality across the country. 

Tuesday, July 7, has been designated Blackout Day, a call to action and “day of solidarity in America where not one Black person in America spends a dollar" outside of businesses owned by Black people, according to the movement's official website. 

The initiative comes in the wake of protests against police brutality and renewed attention to the nation's decades-long racial wealth gap. As society has awakened to unfairness plaguing Black people in America, Black-owned businesses are getting showered with support in a loosely connected push for social and economic justice. 

Reshauna Striggles, a protest leader in Arizona, told the Arizona Republic, part of the USA TODAY Network, that people can fight systemic racism by patronizing Black- and...

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What Is Blackout Day 2020? Everything to Know About the July 7 Boycott Urging People to Not Spend Money


JULY 6, 2020

Anti-racist protests in the wake of recent high-profile police killings of Black people will take on another form on Tuesday, July 7: economic protest.

Black people spend $1.2 trillion annually in the U.S., according to a 2018 report by Nielsen. But for one day called Blackout Day 2020, organizers of an economic boycott are asking the Black community to spend no money at all, or to spend only at Black-owned businesses.

Boycotts were a key tool in creating change during the Civil Rights Era. For example, after Rosa Parks refused to give her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, to a white passenger, a boycott of the city’s public transportation system eventually led to a federal court ruling that laws keeping buses segregated were unconstitutional.

More recently, there have been boycotts against a Whole Foods that sent home employees for wearing a face mask that said “Black Lives Matter.” Last...

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12 Black Businesses To Support For Blackout Day 2020

Janice Gassam Asare
Racial equity has dominated the global conversation for much of June 2020. In early June, more than 14 million Instagram users posted a black square for #BlackoutTuesday as a show of solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement. While there has some skepticism and confusion surrounding the purpose behind the black squares, many are urging the public towards greater action. On social media there has been some conversation around July 7th, 2020, which has been designated as Blackout Day 2020, a day of economic solidarity with the Black community. A Twitter thread from a user named MarsinCharge detailed how Blackout Day 2020 came to fruition. The origins can be traced back to Calvin Martyr who, following the killing of George Floyd, encouraged his audience to buy and support Black businesses exclusively. While the claim has been made that some celebrities have co-opted...
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What is #BlackOutDay? Day organized for Black people to avoid online, in-store shopping

#blackoutday2020 Jun 30, 2020
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George Floyd's death was 'murder'

(CNN)Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo says the death of George Floyd was "murder" and that the officer who was seen pressing his knee into Floyd's neck "knew what he was doing" because he had taken specific training on preventing "positional asphyxiation," or suffocation.

"Mr. George Floyd's tragic death was not due to a lack of training -- the training was there. Chauvin knew what he was doing," Arradondo said in a statement.
"The officers knew what was happening -- one intentionally caused it and the others failed to prevent it. This was murder -- it wasn't a lack of training," Arradondo said.
Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao, two of the officers involved in the death of George Floyd, both received department training on preventing "positional asphyxiation," or suffocation, in people being restrained in a prone position or face down, the Minneapolis Police Department confirmed to CNN on Wednesday.
Arradondo released...
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She created a platform to mobilize consumers to buy Black. In 3 days they spent over half a million dollars

As Black Lives Matter protests continue to take place around the world, Kezia Williams, an entrepreneur and executive, is urging activists and allies to exercise their economic power by spending more money with Black-owned businesses.

On Juneteenth, Williams launched the #MyBlackReceipt initiative to encourage consumers to buy from Black-owned companies and upload the receipts of their purchases to the myblackreceipt.com platform. The goal, Williams says, is to get Black customers and allies to spend at least $5 million with Black businesses from Juneteenth to July 6, a day before “Blackout Day in which community leaders are asking Black consumers and allies to not spend any money for a day in hopes that the economic solidarity will raise awareness about racial injustice.


“As my team and I were watching the civil unrest unfold in the news, we were asking ourselves, ‘How can we be useful during this time,’” says...

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There's a growing call to defund the police. Here's what it means

(CNN)There's a growing group of dissenters who believe Americans can survive without law enforcement as we know it. And Americans, those dissenters believe, may even be better off without it.

The solution to police brutality and racial inequalities in policing is simple, supporters say: Just defund police.
It's as straightforward as it sounds: Instead of funding a police department, a sizable chunk of a city's budget is invested in communities, especially marginalized ones where much of the policing occurs.
The concept's been a murmur for years, particularly following the protests against police brutality in Ferguson, Missouri, though it seemed improbable in 2014.
But it's becoming a shout. With the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police and nationwide protests demanding reform, Minneapolis officials announced their intent to defund and...
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Black-Owned Restaurant Lists Circulating the Internet, Organized by City

buy black Jun 11, 2020

As many of us have been inspired to stand in solidarity with the Black community, so has food media. Across the country, restaurant critics, writers, and local food lovers have been pulling together extensive lists highlighting Black-owned businesses in their respective cities. We wanted to share what they’re creating, from Google spreadsheets with updates on take-out/delivery options and GoFundMe links to websites that have long been celebrating Black-owned businesses and owners. 


The Bay Area

Google spreadsheet of coffee shops, bakeries, and restaurants open for take-out and delivery in the Bay Area, with information on merch, gift cards, GoFundMe pages, and more. Created by Soleil Ho of the San Francisco Chronicle

Our article celebrating bakeries, restaurants, bars, and shops in Oakland. Reported and written by Ryan Walker-Hartshorn of BA.

Los Angeles

Google spreadsheet of coffee shops, bakeries,...

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